Echo & The Bodyman

National Forensic Academy - Dr. William Bass Award The top student in each ten-week session of the National Forensic Academy receives the Dr. William Bass Award, named after the founder of the Body Farm. Dr. Bass presents the award himself, which makes it all the more meaningful to the recipients. Students at the NFA come from all over the United States. As of now, police departments in 47 states have sent employees for training. After the next session, that number will be 49. Only Hawaii has not yet been represented.

Those of us in East Tennessee have the opportunity to hear Dr. Bass speak several times a year. His support crew, known as the Bone Zones team, has made it their mission to raise money for the Dr. William M. Bass III Forensic Anthropology building fund. Late last year they organized a cruise on the Tennessee River. On July 26 they are having “Dinner with the Bone Doctor” at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. The $100 price tag gets you a surf & turf dinner, a copy of “The Bone Thief” and the opportunity to ask questions, get an autograph and have your picture made with Dr. Bass. I’ll be the one offering to hold your camera.

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