Dollars, Taxes

passageway at DFW airport My wife and I had a brief layover in Dallas on our vacation trip to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. I had hoped to use the free Wifi in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to upload a couple of blog posts. When I couldn’t get it to work, I walked around and asked other people with laptops if they could connect. They also had no luck. I called the airport office. The woman on the phone promised to send a tech to the Terminal D but no one arrived before we boarded our flight. Luckily, I had my camera in my pocket and decided to go on a photo safari looking for Texas oddities such as the thing that looks like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

There has been a check mark next to Texas on my to-do list for a long time. I was still working as assistant promotion director at WAVA when the station charted a plane and flew 105 listeners to Dallas for a Redskins/Cowboys game. I remember being amazed that the soda gun at our hotel’s lobby bar dispensed Dr Pepper. Before our buses took us to Texas Stadium, we staged a little parade through downtown. We got some coverage on “The NFL Today.” It was so long ago that the NFC was on CBS and Irv Cross voiced the package.

Cowboys punching bag in DFW airport Cowboys beach ball in DFW airpot Redskins/Cowboys checkers game at DFW airport It’s no Brad Sham’s House of Big League Threads but there were still all sorts of items in the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop in the airport. My guess is that in Washington they have Redskins/Cowboys chess sets for sale. Because this is Dallas, all they have is checkers.

Texas sized jelly beans ChocAdillos in DFW airport dark chocolate Longhorns Naturally there are plenty of Texas-size jokes. I wanted to buy the Texas Size Jelly Beans. Confections that are known throughout the world as “turtles” are apparently called “ChocAdillos” or “Longhorns” in Texas.

Texas postcard Texas word search game One postcard said that anything which isn’t Texas doesn’t matter. Another postcard offered a Texas word search, using terms such as “howdy,” “dang” and “recon” which I would have spelled “reckon.”

Howdy t-shirt in DFW airport little cowgirl outfits in DFW airport The word “howdy” also turned up Bedazzled onto a t-shirt. For the “Toddlers & Tiaras” set, Kiddie Korral offers a cowgirl ensemble on sale for $39.99.

Cousin's BBQ sign with knife-in-head illusion For our in-flight meal, my wife and I bought a BBQ chicken salad and a sliced brisket sandwich to share. The food from Cousin’s Bar-B-Q was very good but their signage left me puzzled. From a slight distance it looks like the poor guy in the middle, Calvin R. “Boots” Payne III, has a knife in the top of his head. The salad would have been better if the chicken was served hot instead of cold. Their sliced brisket was excellent.

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