Daddy Benami

A man approached the Star 102.1 van during my remote broadcast on Sunday. He was carrying a file folder. I was watching from across the parking lot of US Cellular and wondered aloud if he planned to drop off a résumé. I walked over to the van to see what he wanted.

homemade Didi Benami flyer

Through a thick Israeli accent, he introduced himself as the father of “American Idol” finalist Didi Benami. The file folder contained homemade flyers urging support for his daughter. He said that other finalists had busloads of fans in attendance at their hometown concerts and he wanted the same for Didi. The “American Idol” tour comes to Knoxville on Wednesday, July 28.

One of my favorite news anchors will be in town for the concert. Stacy McCloud moved to Nashville last year to become the entertainment reporter for Fox 17. Part of her job is to provide Music City with in-depth coverage of “American Idol.” Stacy sent me a message to check her Facebook status which implies that WVLT will give her some airtime that day. I guess I’ll set my DVR for all their newscasts.

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