Be Your Huckleberry

If Jackson Hole is like a cowboy Hamptons, then West Yellowstone is like a cowboy Gatlinburg. My first foray into Montana had the familiar feel of the tourist towns in the Smokies. It had been a few hours since lunch and the many ice cream shops called to me.

Swirl Freeze Combo Blender at Arrowleaf Ice Cream Shop I talked my wife out of going to Dairy Queen. No offense to one of her favorite chains, but I wanted to try something unique. While she looked for a store selling Christmas ornaments, I looked into a couple of different ice cream shops. The machinery at The Arrowleaf Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop piqued my curiosity.

Huckleberry and chocolate ice cream The staff at the store ranged in age from child to adult. I suspect that they were all related. They used a Swirl Freeze Combo Blender that, at first, I mistakenly thought was a soft-serve machine. The man in charge explained that they put a pre-measured disc of ice cream in the funnel along with whatever mix-ins the customer requests. The ice cream disc resembled a hockey puck. A blade that resembles a large screw mixes the ingredients together. A valve at the bottom of the funnel opens to dispense the finished product into a cup or cone.

moose poop cookie chunks for blending into ice cream My wife asked about “moose poop,” which turned out to be a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate swirl. They bake it in sheets and then cut it into cubes. I wanted to try some Montana Huckleberries blended into chocolate ice cream even if the local delicacy cost 75¢ extra. Pretty pricey, I know, but I was on vacation.

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