Means by No Means

South Dakota is in my “final four.” By that, I mean it will be one of the last four states I visit in my quest to travel to all 50. My wife and I have already mapped out a possible route for that trip, which won’t happen until 2011. My missing states are prominent on my personal radar, so naturally I was excited to receive an email the other day with the subject line: “In South Dakota.”

The email was from Dave and Melanie, a couple I met a year and a half ago at the See’s Candies kiosk at West Town Mall. They landed a Workamper job for the summer in the Black Hills. They also raved about the Rafter J Bar Ranch, where they are staying.

When their summer job ends, Dave and Melanie will move on to Kansas for a one-month gig with After that, they hope to work at a See’s kiosk somewhere in the southwest.

Knowing I would be interested, Dave and Melanie sent along several photos of their trip to South Dakota. Here are some bison at Custer State Park and, of course, Mount Rushmore.

Custer State Park photo from Dave & Melanie Mount Rushmore photo from Dave & Melanie

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