Mardi Gras

It was my wife’s suggestion to treat tomorrow like it’s Ash Wednesday. In other words, we should eat like we have dietary restrictions because of today’s birthday feast. As is our tradition, we had lobster for dinner and birthday cake for dessert.

dropping lobsters into the pot 2010 birthday lobsters In the recent past, my wife ordered my birthday lobster from The Shrimp Dock. They don’t keep any in stock. In fact, they don’t even have a tank. This year we didn’t get around to ordering one in advance, which meant she had to find some at a supermarket. The lobsters she got at the Food City on Morrell Road were absolutely outstanding. It helps that she knows how to cook them to perfection.

homemade birthday cakes before frosting how to properly center the letters while decorating a birthday cake I had been dropping hints for a while that I wanted to bring a cake to Tuesday night’s Einstein Simplified show. I priced sheet cakes at Sam’s Club and Food City but decided it would be more cost-effective to make one at home. My wife and son did all the work, baking two quarter-sheet cakes on Sunday and decorating them today. One cake was white with chocolate shavings. The other was Devil’s Food. A friend who knows a thing or two about baking recommended that they use Duncan Hines mix. My son chose the Creamy Home Style Dark Chocolate Fudge frosting. They used two of my favorite candies, dark chocolate M&Ms and circus peanuts, to write “Happy Birthday Frank” on it. Because they think like engineers, they did the letters in the center first and worked out to the sides.

birthday cake plus dark chocolate M&Ms plus circus peanuts emceeing the Einstein Simplifed show on my birthday 2010 With all the birthday excitement, I didn’t want to spend time preparing the game list for the show.  I got a laugh from my wife when I told her I felt like a kid who is the square root of my actual age. Instead I asked my Facebook and Twitter network to submit names of improv games they’ve liked at previous Einstein Simplified shows or on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” I got more than enough ideas.

Einstein Simplified – June 22, 2010
Story, Story Die
Party Quirks
Director’s Cut
Evil Twin
Irish Drinking Song
Kneeling Sitting Standing
Famous Last Words
’50s Educational Filmstrip
When I Was Young
Def Jam
World’s Worst
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
In a Minute
Scattered Lines
Blind Film Dub
Chain Murder
Marshmallow Madness (with Circus Peanuts)

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