Do Pies Go with That Cake?

Some days you can’t stop thinking about cake. An idea popped into my head the other night as my family and I watched a good episode of “Ace of Cakes.” By the way, have you noticed that there’s no “Ace of Pies” or “Pie Boss” on TV?

My daughter seems to have been swayed over to the wrong side of the cake or pie argument. She sent me a link to an illustrated proof by Allie Brosh that favors pie. Before they were famous, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla entertained half the balcony at the MTV Video Music Awards with the case of Cake v. Pie.

As it so happens, it will be my turn to emcee an Einstein Simplified show on my birthday. We take turns because everyone would rather perform than host. I thought that if I don’t get to play on stage, I may as well have cake. Maybe I could buy an inexpensive cake big enough to serve everyone in the audience. However, Sam’s Club charges $35 for a full sheet cake, which is more than I wanted to spend. My daughter saw my posts on Twitter and sent me the link to Cake Wrecks.

I may still pursue the idea of bringing cake to the show. I wish I could just go to the Smart & Final in Burbank and pick up a Sara Lee banana cake. Perhaps I could figure out how to bake my own sheet cake. I don’t think it could be as good as the Body Farm cake I got from Food City a few years ago but it might be funny to try.

Body Farm cake made by Food City presented to Frank Murphy at 2007 Women Today Expo

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