Bring Your Kiddies, Bring Your Wife

“When we’re ready to get married, Mr. Met is going to be at the wedding,” she said. I was dumbfounded. Mr. Met does weddings? Apparently so. Thankfully, I am likely to be on the guest list whenever the special day arrives. “He’s cheaper in the off-season,” by the way.

The concept of hiring a mascot to perform at your wedding astounded me. A quick Internet search uncovered a wedding where Albert the Alligator stole the show. I imagine that Mr. Met, as the most visible sports mascot in the nation’s largest media market, could easily price himself out of the range of most fans. Instead he probably makes a healthy income by going to weddings and bar mitzvahs on a regular basis. Granted he’s wearing a huge baseball on his head, but based on the YouTube videos I watched, Mr. Met seems to actually enjoy himself.

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