Biscuits or Bust!

Organizers of the first-ever International Biscuit Festival don’t know exactly how many people will show up for the various events on Saturday. An email to the chefs on Wednesday told them to bring copies of their recipes to their demonstrations. How many? They do know that the demonstration tent holds up to 100 people. As a judge for the “most creative biscuit” category, I am privy to the demonstration and bake-off schedule:

1:00 Demonstration: Chris Kahn/ Biscuit Basics
1:15 Bake Off: Basic Biscuits (Judges: Chris Kahn, Walter Lambert, Nita Dunn)
1:45 Demonstration: John Bryant /Sweet Biscuits
2:00 Bake Off: Sweet Biscuits (Judges: John Bryant, David Pinckney, Mary Constantine)
2:30 Demonstration: Josh Feathers/Topic TBD
3:00 Demonstration: Lisa Smith/Appetizer Biscuits
3:15 Bake Off: Savory Biscuits (Judges: Lisa Smith, Rose Kennedy, Stanton Webster)
3:45 Demonstration: Maryann Byrd /Wedding Cake Biscuits
4:00 Bake Off: Most Creative Biscuits (Judges: Frank Murphy, Janet Testerman, Maryann Byrd)
4:30 Demonstration: Michael Haynes/Biscuit for One
4:45 Best of Show (Judges: Allen Benton, Earl Cruze, Sam Beall or Josh Feathers)

The rest of the events are listed on the festival website. In addition to the sold-out Blackberry Brunch with guest speakers Allan Benton, Earle and Cheryl Cruze and Fred Sauceman, I am excited about seeing the biscuit eating competition and the flour sack race.

I have been on the Biscuit Festival bandwagon since well before the April 15 press conference. Thanks to our success at First Night Knoxville, the biscuit folks contacted Einstein Simplified months ago and booked us to perform at The Square Room on Saturday night. We are opening for Leanne Morgan.

Chef Walter Lambert of WVLT will be judging the basic biscuit bake-off. On Thursday’s noon newscast, two of the festival organizers prepared a batch of biscuits with Chef Walter.

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