A Chem, Burns Film

As Dr. Al Hazari described to me his Forensic Chemistry Camp for middle-school students, I thought of my own son’s love of chemistry. When our interview ended, I volunteered my son to help out at the camp, which runs this week on the UT campus. When I got home, I told my son what I had done. It wasn’t too much of a stretch. He works as a chemistry tutor at his college.

Dr. Al Hazari introduces Dr. Bill Bass at Forensic Chemistry Camp 2010 Dr. Bill Bass presents cremation slide show at Forensic Chemistry Camp Dr. Al Hazari, Dr. Bill Bass and Frank Murphy Tuesday’s session began with a special guest speaker, Dr. Bill Bass. The founder of the Body Farm described the cremation process to an attentive audience that also included students from the Governor’s Schools for the Sciences and Engineering. One of the Governor’s School students recognized my son from their time together on their high school Scholar’s Bowl team.

Dr. Bill Bass visits Forensic Chemistry Camp lab Forensic Chemistry Camp students conduct "drug bust" experiment using household products Forensic Chemistry Camp students analyze soil from the shoes of "suspects" After the cremation slide show, my son helped the students conduct an experiment on lead poisoning. At other work stations, they analyzed soil, fiber and some household products like baking soda which were masquerading as contraband seized in an imaginary drug bust.

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