Upfront? ‘Mon Back!

A few of the nice folks at WTNZ said it wouldn’t feel like the upfronts without me. As has become my annual tradition, I accepted Kimay Bloch’s invitation to watch the closed-circuit feed of Fox’s presentation to advertisers on Monday afternoon. The event started and ended with the cast of “Glee.” Jane Lynch did some jokes in character as Sue Sylvester. A video montage from the show included some interesting footage of the cast performing “Bad Romance.” The cast sang “Like a Prayer” to close out the festivities.

Knoxville’s David Keith is in the supporting cast of a new con-man drama called “Lonestar.” He plays the father of the main character. The son wants to quit the con-man life and become the guy he’s pretending to be.

Two new Fox shows will earn spots on my DVR-ing schedule. Former WAVA intern Greg Garcia has created another quirky comedy called “Raising Hope.” Some “Arrested Development” alumni have a new show called “Running Wilde” that looks pretty good too.

I asked my friend Kimay if I could speak with someone about their nightly telecast of “Access Hollywood.” The station has permission to edit the show down to 25 minutes and air it at 10:35 p.m. I want to see the whole show, preferably earlier in the evening. Since that is unlikely to happen, Kimay suggested I record the show when they air all 30 minutes of it at 4:00 a.m.

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