Translators and Repeaters

If all goes according to plan, this summer I should get three states closer to achieving my goal of visiting all 50. On Wednesday afternoon, I grabbed my newly obtained AAA TourBook for Idaho, Montana & Wyoming and started reading in bed. It occurred to me that I could use my WiFi clock radio to hear more about my intended destinations. I flipped through the TourBook in vain, trying to find the call letters of stations along my route. Wouldn’t a local radio guide be useful to AAA members who are taking driving vacations?

The TourBook did have phone numbers for the chambers of commerce in Jackson, Missoula and Coeur d’Alene. I got through to live humans at two of the three places. As a radio guy, I was discouraged that the chamber employees couldn’t rattle off the call letters of their local stations. Because my radio sorts Internet stations by name or call letters, the dial positions wouldn’t help me. One of the receptionists was kind enough to look up her market on Google for me. The other was only able to recall the name of the NPR-affiliated college station. I had slightly better luck using the directory at I added Yellowstone Public Radio, Montana Public Radio and Spokane Public Radio to the “My Stations” folder.

It was a lot easier to find the official Twitter feeds for Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington tourism. I was surprised when Wyoming followed me back. Given my renewed dependence on caffeine, isn’t it appropriate that my vacation should wrap up in Seattle?

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