Time to Remember

monument at Culpeper National Cemetery Mental Floss magazine has one of the more entertaining feeds on Twitter. Today they posted a link with “10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day” that I immediately “re-tweeted.” As a former northerner, I didn’t know that the southern states didn’t adopt the holiday until after World War I and that nine states also have a Confederate Memorial Day. Tennessee’s is on June 3.

When I was a kid, I would go to the Memorial Day parade that marched past the Crestwood Library and ended at a war memorial. Usually the local politicians would make a few statements. Even though we were in New York State, it had a Mayberry feel to it.

graves and wall at Culpeper National Cemetery My daughter is visiting Knoxville this weekend. On Memorial Day a few years ago, she stopped off at Culpeper National Cemetery (where my father is buried) and took some photos that I now like to look at every year on Memorial Day. What Memorial Day traditions do you have?

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