A woman walking alongside me during the Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk wanted some advice on marketing her new business. She is selling Dove Chocolate via direct sales, similar to Shaklee or Pampered Chef or Tupperware parties. We brainstormed several ways she can use the Internet to make herself a credible source of chocolate information and fun. I was telling an associate named Paul about the conversation when he said, “You’ve got to tell that to my girlfriend, Summer.” Within the hour we were on our way to the restaurant she owns, The Tin Roof Café in Sevierville. I would get a free lunch in exchange for a few marketing ideas.

Tin Roof Cafe in Sevierville, TN The Tin Roof Café is literally a stone’s throw from the parking lot of the popular Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. From that angle the Tin Roof looks like a private home, not a restaurant. I bet a lot of the tourists waiting for a table at Applewood would love to try the Tin Roof, if they only knew about it. Meanwhile the locals often confuse the Tin Roof Café with a bar on the Cumberland strip, which is unrelated.

I had a feeling the meal was going to be good when we saw Regis Philbin’s friends Mary Kellogg-Joslyn and John Joslyn ordering lunch as we walked in. They own the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge and Branson. I was also tickled by the fact that the two servers were named Rachel and Monica.

Tin Roof Café panini Tin Roof Café panini Tin Roof Café panini Since we couldn’t eat everything on the menu, Summer made a special sampler plate for us with smaller versions of three outstanding panini. For dessert, she served us a delicious drink called the Tennessee Sunshine, which contained orange juice, raspberry syrup, and cream over ice. I heard a rumor that the orange juice might actually be SunnyD, which is not a bad thing.

Tennessee Sunshine at Tin Roof Cafe

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