Pilot Episode

oatmeal and coffee at Pilot A desire for free coffee and a Facebook coupon for free oatmeal was the motivation for my idea to combine the two. Customers at Pilot Travel Centers use the same Styrofoam cups to serve themselves both items. The idea was already in my head when a Twitter post from Pilot prompted me to respond. One thing led to another and before long I had offered to host a “Coffee/Oatmeal TweetUp” at a Pilot on Lovell Road.

#coffeeoatmeal tweetup attendees: Nicole Van Scoten, Brenna DeLeo, Josh Phillips, Lynsay Caylor, Jeremy Floyd, Gavin Baker, Keith Ely, Chad Parizman, Frank Murphy, Michael Holtz In my discussion with Pilot’s Lynsay Caylor, we thought about waiting a week or two to hold the event, which would realistically draw about 20 people. Instead, we chose to strike while the iron was warm and have the TweetUp a mere 72 hours later, knowing that only about 10 would show up on short notice. Besides, this was all for fun. Pilot provided the coffee and oatmeal for free.

adding dark roast coffee to my oatmeal stirring coffee/oatmeal Some of the people at the gathering put too much coffee in their oatmeal. One woman used flavored cappuccino and liked it. The key to success was adding the coffee slowly, stirring until it reached the desired consistency. I mixed dark roast coffee into maple & brown sugar oatmeal and was delighted with the results. I don’t have oatmeal that often but I will probably never make it with plain hot water again.

#coffeeoatmeal tweetup #coffeeoatmeal tweetup

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