No Contest

A Twitter post from Don Geronimo summed up my feelings exactly.

Just when I am weaned on AmerIdol (didn’t even watch the Sinatra shows), I’m realizing I am looking 4ward to DWTS. Gay Gay Gay Gay, I know.

“American Idol” has jumped the shark. People are blaming the singers but I think the fault lies with Ryan and Simon. Other long-running reality shows have suffered through an occasional bad cast. “Survivor” comes to mind. But they stayed the course and found better contestants for the next season. Seacrest and Cowell are acting like they have given up. They need to remember that Simon is the true star of the show, not the contestants. The judges lose their credibility when they don’t hear what we are hearing at home. How many times have they admitted they watched the West Coast broadcast at home and realized that it sounded different than it did in the studio three hours earlier? Here’s an idea: wear headphones.

When I get home from the Einstein Simplified shows on Tuesday nights, I can choose to watch “Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” on my DVR. I would much rather watch the “Dancing” results show than the “Idol” performance show. It’s not supposed to work that way. On Monday nights, I call in to vote for Nicole Scherzinger and sometimes for Evan Lysacek. This week and last week, I split my votes between the two. I especially liked Evan’s futuristic dance to “Bulletproof,” which is included in this highlights video:

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