Joe Btsfplk

It’s been a week since the crew from a local pool company re-opened my pool for the season. By Monday afternoon, the water was sparkling and inviting but the water temperature was only 67°. I wondered if I could stand it, even with my springsuit on. If only I could remember at what temperature I had to stop my daily swimming last year.

I write my blog entries so I can clear out some of the thoughts that clutter my mind. I often use the Google search bar to look for things I have written in the past. A search for “water temperature” told me that 68° was definitely too cold and that 70° was borderline.

After a couple of sunny days near 90°, the pool water had warmed to 72° by this afternoon. That was all I needed to see. Once I finished cleaning off some leaves and bugs with my beat-up old skimmer net, I donned my springsuit and got in. As I swam, something weird happened. Large, heavy raindrops fell on me from a solitary gray cloud in the sky. I hope it’s not an omen for the 2010 swim season.

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