Bull O’Really

carrot cake made with beans It looked like carrot cake and it tasted like carrot cake. According to the rules of the contest, it had to have Bush’s Beans in it somewhere. The cake was one entry in the Anything Bush Beans competition at Sevierville’s Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass festival. I heard many people still talking about a pinto bean pecan pie entry from a couple of years ago that is now on the menu at Bush’s Family Café in Chestnut Hill.

Lotta Bull BBQ RV Mike and Debbie Davis of Lotta Bull BBQ had one of the best parking spaces at the festival, right across from the Dolly statue. I knocked on their door to tell them that I had posted the audio of our interview about the event. We ended up visiting for an hour and a half as Mike showed me how he trims the brisket that he will cook the next day. The meat he removed will become hamburger, or perhaps I should say brisket burger. Mike and another contestant combine their brisket trimmings. The other guy removes much of the fat, then grinds the meat and makes patties.

Mike Davis trims brisket Mike Davis trims brisket trimmed brisket meat and fat

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