The “Delicious Dish” sketch with Betty White on “Saturday Night Live” got laughs in my house as my wife and I watched it. She said she had a new appreciation for the satire in the years since Alec Baldwin did the same bit as Pete Schweddy. Back then we didn’t listen to NPR as much as we do now. It does seem that NPR announcers speak softly with the microphones turned way up letting us hear every non-verbal noise made by their smacking lips and tongues.

I caught the end of an interesting interview about the economic reasons for ending prohibition on the real NPR today. It was followed by a review of the Lord Peter Wimsey Collection of DVDs, which I added to my Amazon Wish List. I’ll have to go back and hear the whole show on the “Fresh Air” podcast.

Billy Bush used Twitter to ask for phone calls about Betty White’s stellar SNL performance. I called and was told by a producer named Heather that Billy was in the bathroom and they would call me back when they were ready to record me. When the return call came, Billy asked which sketch was my favorite. I liked the Census bit and pointed out that they seemed to add a crude phrase to each scene just for shock value. The segment would have been just as funny without the crotch joke.

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