Tortoise stories in the news almost always grab my attention despite the fact that they are often very similar. Usually it’s something along the lines of “Missing Tortoise Returned to Local Family.” The headline in the L.A. Unleashed column on LATimes.com last week was “Stolen Tortoise Returned to Vermont Home.”

The wire service story in the Times wasn’t detailed enough for me. I found more tortoise coverage from a local TV station and a local newspaper. Without the local stories, I wouldn’t have known that the owner had named the tortoise Baby Lindbergh, which seemed like a bad premonition until I discovered that the name came after the disappearance.

Tortoise owner Peter Lowry plans to install surveillance cameras in the barn to prevent another herp-napping. I am thinking about contacting him to suggest that he put the video feed on the Internet. I believe that turtle enthusiasts and insomniacs around the world would help him keep an eye on Baby Lindbergh.

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