This Ain’t No Fooling Around

The second annual Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars takes place tonight at the Expo Center on Clinton Highway. The event benefits East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. I attended the rehearsal at Academy Ballroom yesterday and snapped photos of some of the dancers.

My wife made good on her pledge to make a donation in the name of “Team Lumily,” as I wrote on the Facebook walls of Maestro Lucas Richman and Emily Loyless. I loved their song choice of “Minnie the Moocher” and their dance’s story line. Alllison Kropff and P.J. Turner had a great story line too. They started out dancing to “At Last” and switched to “Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz.

Tearsa Smith and Mark Becker look like strong contenders to take the judges’ trophy. Becker and Gretchen Bartlett won that award last year. Abby Ham and J.W. Becker seem to be having a lot of fun with their routine. Abby told me that she had not yet obtained the necessary undergarments for her costume. If you are reading this and don’t know why you are on this website, shame on you for Googling the phrase “Abby Ham’s undergarments.”

News Sentinel writer Lola Alapo and Johnny Tang surprised everyone with their dance to a punk-rock flavored version of “Rockin’ Robin.” Former contestant on “The Bachelor,” Ella Nolan is teamed with Hayden Escobar. He lifts her, spins her around and slides her on the floor. I think the squeaking sound I heard was Ella’s back on the hardwood.

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