Take It to the Bridge

The upper crust of  Knoxville was partying with Air Supply on Saturday night at the Knoxville Convention Center.  I hadn’t heard about this year’s Center Stage event, which benefits East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. I probably still wouldn’t have known if not for a multitude of posts on Twitter and Facebook from many of the attendees.  I saw Air Supply perform at the Children’s Miracle Network convention three years ago. If you were reading my blog back then, you might recall how I once had to persuade them to play at a “losers singles party.”

While the Convention Center crowd was thinking that “Even the Nights Are Better,” my wife and I were just across the Tennessee River at a benefit for an equally worthy charity. Family Promise of Knoxville helps those who find themselves in situational homelessness. They try to fill the gap by helping those not qualified for assistance from programs for the chronically homeless. The Ruby Slippers Benefit featured dinner and dancing at the Kerbela Temple. Four pairs of professional dancers from Academy Ballroom each performed a routine they have done at a competition.

Speaking of dance competitions, Emily Loyless and Jeremy Norris are holding their annual Rocky Top Dance Challenge on June 20 at the Knoxville Marriott. Emily also whispered to me that she had a great song idea for me if I am asked to participate again in Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars. It’s not uncommon to keep the song title a secret until the performance, which means you’ll have to wait until 2011.

Because my wife and I had been invited to sit at the media table, we wanted to bid on some of the silent auction items as an easy way of making a donation to the cause.  We bought something at the Catholic Charities dinner and at the Signature Chefs Auction for the same reason. I was impressed with an amaretto cake made by Jason Yarbrough, The Cake Guy but the bidding skyrocketed quickly. I told my wife that she could bid on the autographed Cheryl Burke photo and give it to me on my next birthday. She said, “We’ll see.”

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