Silva Certificate

Michele Silva & Bob Yarbrough co-anchored WVLT‘s live broadcast of the Dogwood Arts Festival Parade on Friday night. I wrote about the parade in yesterday’s post. When she saw me, Michele took the opportunity to tease me about the latest mention of Abby Ham on my blog. Michele and Abby used to both work at WBIR but have been direct competitors since Michele switched to WVLT.

I reminded Michele that she was the first news anchor I met when I moved to Knoxville. She was dating one of my co-workers at the time and would often attend radio station sponsored events such as Sundown in the City and Saturday Night on the Town. If I had a blog back in those days, people would probably have teased me about the frequency of Michele Silva mentions on it.

My humble blog was only 21 days old when I posted a photo of Michele and some heavyset dude at the Knoxville Zoo’s Feast with the Beasts. In September 2006, I took a picture of Michele and Beth Haynes at a United Way event on Market Square. The guy standing near them is Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam.

The official unveiling of my makeover took place on the Style show that Michele used to co-host with Moira Kaye (who bears a striking resemblance to Miss Tennessee 1983 by the way). As recently as this past August, Michele and I did a re-shoot of our picture at Feast with the Beasts.

I saw Michele at the Miracle Theatre earlier this year but didn’t get a photo because my camera was lost at the time. When I spotted her on Gay Street Friday night, my first order of business was to get another photo with Michele. So there, missy!

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