Planet Roundhead

With a few minutes to spare before my haircut at Garde Bien Spa Salon on Tuesday, I looked for a magazine to read. Instead my eyes fell upon a book of photographs that female clients could use to show the stylists what they want done to their hair. I guess it’s the modern-day equivalent of the example hairstyles that adorned the walls of the barbershops I went to as a kid. I can still visualize Carmine’s in Yonkers and Mario’s in Tuckahoe.

The pictures were a mixture of celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway. A couple of photos from the Cosmoprof / Next Look Awards made me take the book to Diana at the front desk. I asked her to promise to knock the tome out of the hands of anyone who said they wanted their hair to look like one of the women on the page I was showing her. That is, of course, unless they could prove that they had just been cast in the latest “Star Trek” sequel.

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