Jam on It

Biscuit lovers from all over are expected to converge on Market Square in Knoxville for the International Biscuit Festival on June 4 and 5. The event is presented by the same folks who have done such a fine job with First Night Knoxville. Organizer John Craig invited me to the  official announcement of the schedule of events, which was held Thursday afternoon at the Mast General Store.

I already knew about one of the items on the agenda. Einstein Simplified will perform at The Square Room on Market Square on the evening of Saturday, June 5. I didn’t know until today that we would be opening for comedienne Leanne Morgan, a favorite of mine.

There will be enough going on to keep me at the festival all day, assuming I can arrange my work schedule accordingly. Biscuit Boulevard will offer signature biscuits from a variety of restaurants for a $5 Tasting Ticket. The Biscuit Film Festival will screen a documentary called “The Rise of the Southern Biscuit.” Other highlights include an eating contest, a scavenger hunt, an art competition and a songwriting contest.

Southern Culture on the Skids will be performing on Friday, June 4. That band will always remind me of Susan Olsen, because she is the person who first told me about them. The downtown nature of the event made me think about Susan too. She has been interested in displaying her artwork at another urban food celebration,  the What the Fluff Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts

Lighthearted fare like the unconventional Miss Biscuit Competition, a flour sack race and an apron exhibit will appeal to my sense of humor. The festival is also going after foodies as illustrated by the involvement of Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams and Cruze Dairy Farm, instead of more popular brands ending in -field. Allen Benton will be the guest speaker at the VIP Biscuit Breakfast. He will talk about the amazing bacon he sells to five-star restaurants around the country. Mmm… bacon…

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6 Responses to Jam on It

  1. Byron says:

    Biscuit eating contest? I’m there!

  2. Jere says:

    I prefer “Apple Butter on it” ;o)

  3. Nancy says:

    I prefer to eat both jam and butter

  4. I will have to put this on my calendar. I’m craving for biscuits all of the sudden.

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