He’s the King of the World

The great Regis Philbin came to Pigeon Forge for the grand opening of the new Titanic Museum Attraction on Thursday. He arrived in town Wednesday and made a quick trip to Dollywood before staying overnight at The Inn at Christmas Place. I am a longtime admirer of Regis and was thrilled to have had the opportunity for a brief interview with him.

After the conversation, I asked him to sign a couple of photographs taken at an event that happened over 18 years ago. Regis was the guest of honor at the grand opening of a Macy’s store in Springfield, Virginia. My friend Janet Elliott and I did a live broadcast on WAVA from the parking lot and got to meet our TV idol.

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5 Responses to He’s the King of the World

  1. Janet From Another Planet says:

    Oh Wow!!! I remember that day so well! He kissed me and said I reminded him of a “younger Madonna”! After her plastic surgeries and make lack there of, now it would be the other way around. Still a thrill. God – I love that man! Thanks for digging it up, Frank!


  2. MJ Pitts says:

    Frank…..happy for ya!

  3. Libby says:

    Just wanted to say, I think your meeting with Regis was great. I was listening to the show at work this morning and I wasn’t thinking awkward at all, I thought it was great. Stand proud, spit-swapper!

  4. Lori Ingram says:

    Frank, this is awesome. I enjoyed hearing the “whole story” this morning on the air. I’m so glad you got to “meet” him again.

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