Bud, Wiser

Last year during Spring Break when my son and I went to visit my grandmother, she introduced me to one of her caretakers as “a writer.” I guess I am although “writer” is a label I associate more with my father, not me. He worked for a newspaper before getting married and still liked being called a writer years later when he was a vice president of the public relations firm T.J. Ross & Associates. If my father had survived to retirement age, he might have been inspired to write about his own life. The father of a friend of mine did just that.

My college friend, Cecilia Lahiff, is a public relations executive in the Boston area. One time she was doing some publicity for the company that owns 7-Eleven. Her father, Bud Loftus, told several people that she worked for 7-Eleven, without making any effort to dispel their thoughts that she worked at a 7-Eleven.

When I first met Cecilia’s dad, he worked for the Food and Drug Administration. He later became a consultant for pharmaceutical companies. Now that he’s retired, he has written his memoirs and self-published them using Lulu. The book is titled “Bud Loftus: An Irish-American’s Journey.” Cecilia used her publicity skills to get some coverage for her father’s book in the Fairfax Times, which is owned and distributed by The Washington Post. The experience led to a touching moment. Seeing his daughter working on his behalf helped him to better understand what exactly she’s been doing all these years.

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  1. Dea Lahiff says:


    This is so touching and kind of you. I shared it with family and friends and they were moved by it, too. Thank you so much for writing about my dad. I remember your dad fondly and I was so glad that I got a chance to meet him. He was a special man and I could tell he was really proud of you. Well, I have a whole roomful of people who are proud of you, too. Thanks again, Frank. You’ve always been a wonderful and constant friend. Give my love to Jere, Meaghan and Frank, Jr.


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